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Our Story

We started with a small operation, basically selling LCDs door to door and eventually opened our doors in

Guangzhou to service repairs and sell LCD devices.We have always had one main goal in mind; “Focus on the customer,not the dollar”…and we live it day in and day out. Now, 4iphoneparts has grown to be one of the largest iPhone 

LCD and iPhone Flex cable companies in Guangzhou andwe aren’t stopping anytime soon.

We are dedicated to our customers and our staff and ensuring that 4iPhoneparts is much more than just a business.

It’s a great place to work and a relief to customers who are worried that there is no coming back from the damage they

may have had inflicted on their expensive devices. We are dedicated to making sure that we continue to find ways to keep costs

lower than the rest of the industry as well asoffer a customer service experience that stands out from the rest.